Be Prepared

Dragon boat paddling is a great sport for beginners and seasoned athletes. There are some things to consider before picking up a paddle. While an easy sport to learn in your practice session, dragon boating is also strenuous and can impact your body if you aren’t used to anaerobic exercise. Participating in the sport engages nearly every muscle group, and particularly the core

    • We highly recommended you eat and sufficiently hydrate your body prior to coming to paddle in the dragon boat for practice and race day.
    • Energy drinks are NOT good sources of hydration. Most of them contain sugar and caffeine, which ultimately drains your energy when combined with physical activity.
    • Reference WebMD and other legitimate sources for tips on how to properly eat and hydrate. Drink plenty of water!
    • In case of warm weather, make sure you also eat healthy. Not eating is not healthy.
    • If you have asthma, please bring your inhaler on the boat and alert your seat mate about its location.
    • For any reason, if you must stop paddling, please do. Safety is most important in a dragon boat.
    • If you have a back injury, dragon boat paddling is not for you. It will only worsen your condition.
    • For shoulder injuries and other conditions that may affect your health, consult your doctor before participating.
    • Some paddlers in past events have given blood and then come for practice that day. It’s not a suggested combo.
    • In the boat, your hand will likely slip up and down the shaft of the paddle. You may consider bringing gloves to minimize this.
    • You’ll sit on wooden seats. You may bring a gardener’s pad, or consider wearing padded shorts.
    • Paddlers and drummers will learn the technique and cadence at practice.