Form a Team

One of the most fun ways to be involved in the 2023 River Cities Dragon Boat Festival is to be on a team! Here’s what you need:

  • 20 paddlers (friends, family, colleagues, etc.)
  • 1 drummer who is light and loud

Each team will designate a captain to coordinate the team. This person can be either a paddler or the drummer. If this is too much responsibility for one person to handle, feel free to share the responsibilities of captaincy by designating two co-captains.

You might ask yourself, “Where am I supposed to find all these people for my team?” It’s not as difficult as you think. Do you work in an office? Do you go to a church? Do you belong to a gym? Do you have a large group of friends and family? If so, you have access to plenty of potential team members. Last year’s event had over thirty teams. Each of those teams pulled together enough people. So can you.

As you form your team, keep the following rules in mind:

  • All team members must be at least 15-years old.
  • During each race, there must be at least 8 female paddlers on your boat.

The registration fee for each boat is $1,000. Too much, you say? Well, if you have a full team with 20 paddles, 1 drummer, and 3 alternates, that’s 24 team members. At $1,000 per team, that’s only $41.67 per person for the entire event. Given the kick-off party on Friday night and the full day of fun on Saturday, that’s a real bargain! And if indulging yourself in a little fun weren’t enough motivation for you to spend the money, remember that this is an extremely worthy cause. We’re doing something here that benefits the children of our community.

Now that you’re ready to register your team, click the Registration button below.